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            Since my high school days, I’ve had an affinity for the written word. It was only much later however, that I felt the urge to write professionally. I began with a pen and notepad, and in fact my story which won a prize in the 2004 Africa Geographic Travel Writer of the Year competition was originally penned in a small camping tent in the garden of a back-packers lodge in the winelands town of Stellenbosch while I was doing a bit of ‘floating around’ and ‘seeing the country’. I got a bit more serious about it in 2006 after purchasing my first laptop computer, and was soon being published regularly in the travel section of The Saturday Star, one of the country’s biggest weekend papers.

            I still write for The Saturday Star, and have been published widely in other publications, covering topics from train travel across the USA to diving with dolphins off the coast of Zanzibar and traipsing through primeval swamps in Zambia in search of the enigmatic Shoebill, one of Africa’s strangest birds. I have also written about fish keeping, fly-fishing, off-road driving and gardening, among other topics, but dwell mainly within the realm of travel journalism (although I harbour a deep love of fiction, where my natural creativity can really come to the fore). See the Publication List page for more information.

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