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            I first began fiddling with f-stops, film speed, exposure values and light meters in the early 1990’s while on holiday in Southern Africa’s wealth of game parks. My first exposure came through an old Canon SLR film camera, when margins for error were small and results were generally mediocre (taking a film out after a holiday to find that it didn’t wind on properly, for example, or that you under exposed virtually all of your shots). Film cameras however were perhaps stricter but more effective teachers than the modern digital SLR, and no one who first learned using film will rue the lessons learned the hard way.

            After purchasing a more modern film SLR in 2001, I got my first digital SLR in 2007, which was when the photography bug really bit hard. Since then I have had numerous equipment upgrades, but like most photographers readily admit that I’m not quite satisfied with what I have. I've just added a full-frame camera body to my bag, and now need a nice wide lens to go with it. Does it ever stop? By nature of my work most of my portfolio consists of wildlife images, though in the last year I’ve become more interested in landscapes, where true skill and creativity can be tested. Photography has become a highly competitive field in recent years, and I’m just beginning to see my name appear here and there in terms of photography as a stand-alone pursuit. As one grows as a photographer however, one needs to keep close to the lesson of doing it for yourself rather than for other people. Of course when someone is paying you for photos the brief is theirs, but too often we tend to evaluate our photos according to how many 'likes' or 'affection' it gets. I've loaded some of my photos in the galleries. These are photos I like, and I'll be updating the galleries as time goes by. Enjoy!

            Leon Marais in the field.